Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shopping Opportunity Knocks!

You have to have patience to get what you want in Czech Republic. There is a small grocery store in Nebusice, Prague and this is where I shop often. This store is located in the same village as the boy's school and I will stop by after morning drop off to pick up a few items. It is small and about the size of an average Racetrac or 7-11 and does not carry large amounts of items or the same thing everyday but still very useful for milk, bread, eggs...

Right next door is a small vacant lot. Every other day or so a pop-up market will appear. I have noticed different items exhibited but never stopped before. A common offering from this market is bras. As I haven't had the need yet or spied a dressing room I have not indulged. Shoes, clothing, home decor and household items are additional possibilities I have seen. But I wheeled in the other day when I noticed what looked like dog supplies. And sure enough, it was a pet store. I was able to buy the flea and tick treatment for the dogs and a new dog bed for upstairs. Also available that day was a sausage store. I passed! Not ready to buy meat off a truck yet! And the ironic connection was not lost on me! Dog supplies and hot dogs???

While I still would love a Wal-Mart I suspect I will find all my needs here eventually.

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