Monday, August 29, 2011

What do you know...I miss Wal-Mart!!!

Light bulbs.
Toilet brush.
Lighted makeup mirror.
Flea and tick spray for the lawn.
Dog food storage container.

This was my shopping list for today. Not too bad, right? One quick trip to Wal-Mart would take care of everything.

Oh, how I used to curse Wal-Mart, laugh at the Wal-martian pictures that circulated via email and just generally avoid the store altogether unless there was no other way around it. My kids and I used to joke that Wal-Mart was a black hole. It would suck you in and you would come home with 10 times the stuff you went in for and spend a minimum of $100. And in today's economy it would be closer to $200.

I would almost sell my soul for a Wal-mart store right now! I went to three different stores today and still did not get everything on my list. I don't think the Czech Republic has even heard of a lighted makeup mirror. And just forget the flea and tick spray for the lawn. I tried translating labels but I don't think they have the same bugs here that we do in the States. And you would think that with all of the flies here that you could easily find a swatter. Wrong. I came home with light bulbs and toilet brushes. And not the brushes I needed or wanted but at least I can clean my toilets now. And don't get me started on the light bulbs. That took forever and I finally just grabbed 3 of each kind I "thought" I needed and said a prayer!

So, the next time you curse Wal-Mart, think of me and consider yourself lucky!!!

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