Friday, May 25, 2012

Still carrying on!

A few more details on our trip to London. Bret and the boys actually rode the Eye of London. It was a little slow for them. I think they were looking for a thrill ride but it allowed for some great views and photo ops.

Caleb, Bret and Peyton across the River from the Eye.

Left: Peyton and Caleb in a car on the Eye.
Above: A view of Big Ben and Parliament.

We had great seats at Wicked and the boys said, "I love this play". We ate at a little Italian place across the street an hour before the play. It was so great being able to walk in and to communicate that we needed to eat, pay and leave in less than an hour. Never would have happened in CZ.

Here are a few pictures of us at London landmarks. The boys enjoyed the changing of the guard. They were able to see because they sat on our shoulders. I had the assistance of a stone pillar but I was still supporting them on my shoulder. Oh my, they are getting big!!! NBC was there with their London correspondents about to do a news story on the Today show. Peyton stopped and started talking to them about what they were broadcasting. I got behind the camera and they took a picture of me on their monitors. I tried to get Peyton to do it but he was suddenly shy. Go figure?!?
Bret and Peyton
Trafalgar Square
Big Ben

Olympic Countdown Clock
in Trafalgar Square

These three pictures were taken at or near
 Buckingham Palace.
The Top Left is the one of me on the NBC
monitor screen in their satellite van.
The bottom left is the four of us in front of the
Palace just after the changing of the guard.
The right photo was taken outside the
Bag 'O Nails Pub where I ate all by my self in
London almost 20 years ago.

Peyton and Caleb under the Marble Arch.

Only one bad spot on our London tableau. We stayed near the Marble Arch which is at the edge of Kensington Garden. Many Middle Eastern restaurants and Hookah lounges were in the area.
Hookah lounges are clubs where you can smoke "exotic" forms of tobacco in large water pipes.
We had to walk past many of these lounges to get to our hotel every night and the smell was horrible. The boys hated it and tried to cover their faces as we hurried past.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Morning coffee.

I love:
Coffee in the form of a Latte
Latte in the morning
Latte in a coffee shop in the morning
Latte in a coffee shop in the morning with my husband!

This last event doesn't happen too often and that is why, I guess, I love it so much. Bret is definitely not a morning person. During the week he drives to work an hour away and does not have any free time. His weekends are sacred and he practices the time honored ritual of sleeping late. But this Friday morning we stole 45 minutes and indulged at our little coffee shop in our village. It is such a sweet place and sells fresh Czech breads, pastries, and pasta. The owner, Milu, has become a friend and her husband owns his own gallery and creates iron sculptural chairs which I love!

It seems like we have great conversation in a coffee shop. Sometimes we are silly and fun, sometimes serious and heartfelt but it is always nice to sit and visit with my husband.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On...

This is a phrase that was coined by the British Government for morale boosting propaganda posters at the beginning of WWII. The phrase has now become public domain and is being printed on everything from coffee mugs to boxer shorts. I caved...I bought a mug when we were in London. Couldn't resist. The phrase is really perfect for almost any occasion.

Anyway, we had a blast in London. We arrived on Good Friday and stayed through the following Wednesday.

Some stuff we did:
Walked down the Thames
Saw Parliament,Big Ben, and the London Eye
Watched the famous boat race between Oxford and Cambridge.
Participated in the world's biggest Easter egg hunt.
Shopped in Covent Garden, Harrods, and on Portobello Rd.
Saw Trafalgar Square, National Museum, St. Paul's Cathedral.
Watched the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.
Saw the play Wicked.
Ate fish and chips at the Bag O' Nails Pub across from the Palace.
Found THE blue door in Notting Hill. (Movie reference)

It was quite a week! The race was exciting because of several mishaps and the atmosphere was similar to our tailgating at the OU games. Big crowds of people along the river parks, tents of food and beer and huge screen TVs to watch the race after it passed by your viewpoint. Bret indulged in local beer and I had a Pimm's Cup. A very British cocktail made with Pimm's No. 1 cup (a gin based fruit liqueur) soda and fresh fruit. It was like drinking punch.

The race was interrupted once by an elitist protest swimmer in the water. He was arrested and later charged. And then after a restart Oxford broke an oar and struggled to maintain which then resulted in the collapse of their anchor rower. Much excitement but an empty win for Cambridge. Here are the boys in front of the big screen.

The Easter egg hunt was too cool. Sponsored by Faberge, it consisted of over 200 eggs hidden throughout London. These eggs were 2.5 feet tall and decorated by various artists and designers. London was trying to break the world's largest egg hunt record and succeeded with over 12,000 participants. And we were a part of it. The eggs were going to be auctioned off for charity and the boys tried to get me to buy one but I thought a 2.5 foot egg in the living room might be a bit much. Below  are some of our favorite eggs.

Will add more pictures and details on next post.  Don't want to overwhelm!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

An iPhone revelation!!!!!

Blogger has an app for your phone! You may be seeing more posts from me.

What I can now do all on the go:
Take a picture
Upload to blog

Although, I shouldn't confess this because now y'all know I don't have any excuses for my sloggin'!

So here's a post:

We are at a pub in Nebusice on the patio while the boys are inside bowling with their friends. Lovely evening!!!