Friday, May 18, 2012

Morning coffee.

I love:
Coffee in the form of a Latte
Latte in the morning
Latte in a coffee shop in the morning
Latte in a coffee shop in the morning with my husband!

This last event doesn't happen too often and that is why, I guess, I love it so much. Bret is definitely not a morning person. During the week he drives to work an hour away and does not have any free time. His weekends are sacred and he practices the time honored ritual of sleeping late. But this Friday morning we stole 45 minutes and indulged at our little coffee shop in our village. It is such a sweet place and sells fresh Czech breads, pastries, and pasta. The owner, Milu, has become a friend and her husband owns his own gallery and creates iron sculptural chairs which I love!

It seems like we have great conversation in a coffee shop. Sometimes we are silly and fun, sometimes serious and heartfelt but it is always nice to sit and visit with my husband.

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