Monday, August 29, 2011

What do you know...I miss Wal-Mart!!!

Light bulbs.
Toilet brush.
Lighted makeup mirror.
Flea and tick spray for the lawn.
Dog food storage container.

This was my shopping list for today. Not too bad, right? One quick trip to Wal-Mart would take care of everything.

Oh, how I used to curse Wal-Mart, laugh at the Wal-martian pictures that circulated via email and just generally avoid the store altogether unless there was no other way around it. My kids and I used to joke that Wal-Mart was a black hole. It would suck you in and you would come home with 10 times the stuff you went in for and spend a minimum of $100. And in today's economy it would be closer to $200.

I would almost sell my soul for a Wal-mart store right now! I went to three different stores today and still did not get everything on my list. I don't think the Czech Republic has even heard of a lighted makeup mirror. And just forget the flea and tick spray for the lawn. I tried translating labels but I don't think they have the same bugs here that we do in the States. And you would think that with all of the flies here that you could easily find a swatter. Wrong. I came home with light bulbs and toilet brushes. And not the brushes I needed or wanted but at least I can clean my toilets now. And don't get me started on the light bulbs. That took forever and I finally just grabbed 3 of each kind I "thought" I needed and said a prayer!

So, the next time you curse Wal-Mart, think of me and consider yourself lucky!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Isn't my Sweetie, handsome?!?!?!

Bret is standing at the corner of a very beautiful tram stop intersection, Malastranka Namesti (I think that is how you spell it). We were on our way to the American Embassy. I was playing around with a new app on my iPhone called Photo Collage. Fun.
The close up of the sidewalk shows that they are made of 3 inch square granite blocks put together in a mosiac design. That is done all over the city and different designs are in different areas.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back in the Saddle!

We are back at school and I am back into the volunteer mode. I think I either have "Sucker" or "Ask me, I don't know how to say NO" written on my forehead. I was sitting alone in a newcomers meeting and somehow got approached to be:
6th grade Rep.
Halloween Carnival Chairmen
Secretary to the Board

Which one should I choose? I told them that I would think about it and let them know. I will keep y'all posted.

In the meantime, Vienna. We drove thru Moravian Wine Region to Vienna, Austria when my Mom was still here and stayed a few days. It was lovely.
Stayed within the "Ring"
Stuff we saw while we were there:

St. Stephen's Cathedral - I don't know if you can see it in this picture but they were in the process of renovating the Cathedral and there were very detailed pictures of the Cathedral printed on fabric panels covering the areas that were under construction. On the right of my picture you can see one of the panels.

World famous Schönbrunn Palace (Summer Palace). This is the courtyard in front of the palace.

The above two pictures are of the rear of the Palace. The Fountain is magnificent. I wish you could have heard the boys discussing it. They saw that the horses and men were coming out of the waters and were in transition from fish to men and horses. We called them Mermen. And they began telling me all about the guy in the center - Poseidon. And then of course a lengthy discussion ensued about all of the other Greek gods and who was the strongest, etc.
The building in the distance is called the Gloriette and was built in 1775.
The Palace gardens also had a large maze and the boys had a blast chasing each other through.
I think I will stop now. Vienna Part II to follow.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Strong Texas Lady...

Moved away from home at 16.
Married three times.
Worked as a "Rosie the Riveter" Inspector during WWII in San Diego.
Raised one son.
Gave me my first grown up glass of wine when I was 16.
Was Hell on wheels.
Could charm the pants off you.
Our very own Christmas Angel!
Goodbye Francis Christine Greene.
Our world will not be the same without you in it.

12/25/1920 - 08/14/2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two Weeks Have Just Flown By!

I have been out of touch for awhile. Life got busy here in CZ and the lists got longer!!!

We did get out and see a few sites here in Prague. The Summer Palace and Royal Gardens at Prague Castle. It was stunning and very interesting.

What we experienced:
a movie being filmed
a wedding
a singing fountain

And finally some pictures!
This is the famous Singing Fountain at the Royal Summer Palace of Queen Anne. The construction of the fountain was completed in 1568 and as the water pours out of the spouts and falls down into the copper basin you can hear sounds like music. The music is best heard if you sit underneath the fountain like the boys are doing.

NeeNee, Peyton and Caleb are standing in front of Queen Anne's Summer Palace. This is also where the we saw the wedding couple dancing. Check out her shoes: platform acrylic six inchers!!
Aren't they beautiful! And what a venue!