Monday, September 26, 2011

A Return to Normal Weekend...

Beautiful weather.
Playing some soccer.
A Farmer's market.
Lunch with my goofy kids and husband.
A little shopping.
Chinese takeout.
A walk through town.
Riding bikes.
Lunch on the patio.
Paid some bills.
Some chores.
Some homework.
Dinner and a movie in front of the TV.

Sounds kind of dull doesn't it? But it was one of the best weekends we have had here in Prague. We are starting to find our groove!!! It finally seems like life is settling down into normal!!! And then you have the added bonus of discovering new things and exploring our new hometown.

The boys and I went for a walk/bike through our village Saturday and then all four of us headed off to the famer's market. Caleb and Peyton found a booth of apple juice slushes. Apple trees are every where here and everyone sells them but a very enterprising person has created slushes out of fresh fruit juices. And I have to say they are fabulous.

We ate lunch at a Lebanese restaurant which is Peyton's new favorite thing. He can't seem to get enough baba ghannouj. He and I met the owner of the restaurant and found out his brother lives in our village. He also lived in Tulsa for some time and then gave us his number for delivery. I will have to hide it from Peyton!!

All three of my boys at the U Cedar the Lebanese Restaurant. 
Caleb has an abrasion on his cheek from a soccer collision at school.

We have also started a picture collection of buildings.  We are copying Chris and his bug photo collection.  Below is a building that Caleb wanted to add. 


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