Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Firsts...

I have seriously been a slogger!!!! That's a new term that a friend coined and I stole it to describe my "slow blogging". It has been a very busy few months and I have had so much to say that I kept waiting until I had a long enough time to sit down and write every thing I wanted. That large block of time has been VERY elusive. We have just returned home from a winter break vacation to Spain.  I realized that we have been experiencing so many new things and so many firsts, especially the boys!

Been in Seven countries
Flown over the ocean
Caleb joined the cross country team
Peyton tried the tennis team
Peyton joined Glee and sang in front of his school
Caleb flew to another country and stayed with a host family by himself
Skiing in the Alps
Drove on the autobahn (on my bucket list)
Had the best hand squeezed orange juice ever from a German gas station
Have four different currencies in my wallet
Have visited royal places in three different countries
Stood in the surf of the Mediterranean Sea
The boys have spoken three different languages all in one day
Taking an Asian cooking class
Joined a Writer's group

There are probably more but these are the ones that have come to mind.  Moving here has definitely offered us some wonderful opportunities!


  1. How wonderful!!! I'm so glad you all are soaking up the richness of Europe - its history, culture, people and languages!! What amazing young men Caleb and Peyton are becoming!! Hugs to all of you!!

  2. Well sounds like that filled one week. What about the rest of the month. LOL!

  3. Hey, I just joined to follow your blog. This is awesome. Love you.

  4. Wish I were there