Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tramming Day Courtesy of Peyton and Caleb.

The boys did not have school on Monday, September 12, and Bret was in Belgium so they wanted to go tramming. Both of them prepared with maps and scheldules that Peyton had researched and off we went.

What we did:

Bought extra tickets at train station since this is the only place I have found them but need them in our remote village if we need to take the bus somewhere.

Found a very cool memorial statue to the victims of communism. But the boys were disturbed by the naked man.

Ate at the "best" Mexican restaurant in Prague

Rode the tram around town for four hours

Ate some great ice cream

Found many more mosaic sidewalk designs.

Had a break in a plaza with a beautiful church turned museum.

Both boys did a great job navigating the city with the different trams and reading schedules. It can be quite confusing but they are already pros!!!

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