Monday, September 12, 2011

My Country, tis of Thee...

All I could think about yesterday was America and the tragedy of 9/11. Obviously, every one of you did too. We were isolated from all of the remembrances here in Czech and had to rely on the internet articles and pictures. And for the first time my boys asked about that day and what happened and where Bret and I was when it happened. We discussed different aspects of 9/11 throughout the day.

A strange quality of our day here in Prague was that we happen to live in the flight path of the Prague airport and heard up close planes flying in all day. I kept thinking that was what the people in New York and Washington must have heard on that day. Additionally we had to put Bret on a plane to fly to Belgium. He has flown on 9/11 before and it is not comfortable but bearable. However, this year seemed worse. I don’t know if it was because of the 10th Anniversary or because we are so far from home. He landed safely and will be home on Wednesday.

My prayers are lifted up for:
the ones we lost that day
the survivors
the loved ones left behind
the first responders (of that day and today)
the soldiers who continue to fight for our freedom!

God Shed His Grace on thee…

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