Monday, July 25, 2011

Mom, where is...?

This is my new occupation: searcher and finder! The packers and movers were great but if they had a little spot in a box they would just fill it with anything. My wardrobe box of bras, panties and miscellaneous delicates also contained the boys camping lantern and a dog leash. I wonder if they were trying to tell me something? Just not sure what! Anyway, this makes it difficult to find things and I appear to be the "only" one who can locate anything! So my daily list will always have #1.


1. Find________________! Just fill in the blank!

2. Pick up bike from coworkers house. They shipped it for us because our sea container had already gone.

Has anyone ever seen the Friends episode where Ross is trying to get a couch upstairs? He keeps yelling out "Pivot! Pivot!". This was me and Bret's coworker's wife trying to get my bike into the trunk of our little car in the middle of the street. I started laughing so hard I almost peed my pants! It was quite a sight.

3. Go to Ikea for the fifth time since we have been here. (we have only been here a week).

4. Remember to take reusable mug to Starbucks next time. I think they are so ecoconscious here that the plastic lids start to degenerate when you put them on the cup. I have dribbled on my shirt every time I go. There is a Starbucks next door to Ikea - do the math.

5. Go to bank again. They were closed on Friday after we went to the VIP currency exchange.

6. Post office. Mailing a video to someone here in Czech for the Video Station in Waxahachie. I went in just before moving to get DVDs made from videos and they had a DVD to send to an exchange student that attended school in Midlothian. So we bartered.

By the way, found the poop scooper. Now I just have to find small trash bags to dispose of said poop. They do not have aisles of Glad bags, etc. like we do.

The Czech word for Beef = hovězí maso. My mom is making stew for tonight's dinner and I am so excited. I am so glad she is here!

na shledanou = see ya later


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