Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bread, cheese and eggs! Oh, my!

It's Sunday and we have just had a great breakfast of egg sandwiches. Of course we have eaten this for several meals because that is what we recognize at the store. Bread, cheese, and eggs.

My list for today:
Look up Czech words for beef and pork. So we can tell the difference at the meat counter.
Go to grocery store. We have been almost everyday.
Find the poop scooper. The dogs are now here.
Find Bret's work clothes. He is going back to work on Monday.

We went to the grocery store last night but it was near closing time. And the Czechs don't mess around with closing time. An employee was walking ahead of us about fifteen minutes before the store closed and was pulling down covers over all of the shelfs and refrigerators. And here we were these crazy Americans trying to decipher the labels. So we go back again today armed with new words.

An unexpected pleasure here in Czech: the tomatoes are fabulous!!!

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